The great among the small

Size matters. mindline is large enough to be highly effective and small enough to flexibly respond to the needs of our clients. As a medium-sized and comparatively young research company, we have now firmly established ourselves in the Top10 ranking of German full-service institutes. More than 100 employees working on three national locations handle our clients’ projects. Blue Chip customers as well as mid-sized companies, both national and international, both quantitative and qualitative, performing as ‘preferred supplier’ as well as ad hoc research institute.

of successful growth in the market.
in Germany: Hamburg, Berlin and Nuremberg. Staying close to our clients.
are members of the mindline group - we have the right specialist for (almost) every topic.
Mio € sales
in 2023.
Top 7
of full-service companies in Germany.
140 +
at mindline take care of the needs of our clients.
15 +
years of experience
is what your senior consultant brings in.
< 5 %
is our year's average. Far less than the average in our business.
500 +
conducted by us in the last year. Adhoc studies as well as trackings, Qual as well as Quant.
40 +
we researched in throughout the last year. In Europe. Worldwide.

Contacts at eye level

All Business is People Business. mindline offers not only a large senior management team with with a variety of in depth experiences and competences. Beyond that we always assign highly suited personal contact to you who will actively support you in all phases of a project – not only during bidding phases. A key element in research projects with mindline providing impulses, driving decision making processes, solving problems and hence helping our clients’ businesses to thrive.

Antje Gollnick

Managing Director

Managing Director of mindline since 2013 | More than 20 years of research experience in global research institutes (Research International, TNS) | Expert in Brand and Communication research | In charge of holistic research programs.

Stefan Ruthenberg


Founding of mindline in 2002 | More than 20 years of research experience, a good part in global research institutes (Research International, Ipsos) | Expert for Shopper Research and in charge of Retail & Shopper programs

Hilda-Simone von Walcke-Schuldt

Research Director

Co-founder of rich harvest (2009) | 15 years of research experience (previously Viacom International Media Networks) | Expert in qualitative methodological designs, ethnographic research, qualitative online research, qual-quant linkage

Jörg Kunath

Managing Director

Managing Director of mindline | 18+ years of research experience (Ipsos, Dialego) | Expert for brand & strategies | In charge of segmentation studies | Specialist for B2B-research | Head of the CIC Innovation Center

Michael Briem

Managing Director Mindline Energy

Founder of mindline energy | More than 20 years of research experience (GfK, Pixelpark, Research International, forsa) | Expert for employee surveys, customer loyalty and communication research | In charge of research focussing on the energy and utilities industry

Claire Dengler

Managing Director Mindline Energy

At mindline energy since 2016 | Research experience since 2008 (Knoche Marktforschung, ForschungsWerk) | Expert in advertising and communication research, customer satisfaction research | Industry expertise: energy and utilities, finance, insurance & retail.

Dr. Mathias Wierth

Managing Director Mindline Media

With mindline media since 2016 | 20 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative media research (Viacom International Media Networks, Goldmedia Research) | Expert in media brand, format and impact research | Lectureships at various universities

Dieter Storll

Senior Advisor Mindline Media

Founding of mindline media in 2007 | More than 25 years of research experience (including Head of Media Research at forsa) | Expert in the field of media and communication research | Lecturing appointments at multiple universities

Natascha Geenen

Research Director

With mindline since 2016 | Focus in the field of innovation research & shopper research as well as global basic / segmentation studies | Industry expertise: FMCG (cosmetics, food)

Stephan Winkelmann

Managing Director Mindline Analytics

Managing Director mindline analytics since 2017 | Research experience in the mindline group since 2011 | Software development | In charge of development and elevation of mindline analytics systems | Responsible for analytics projects for a wide range of industries

Esther Hestermann

Research Director

With mindline since 2022 | 15+ years of research experience (EARSandEYES, Ipsos, MWResearch) | Expert in brand and innovation research, workshop know-how, national and international research in the field of marketing mix, shopper and segmentation. | Industry expertise: FMCG with focus on personal care & cosmetics, OTC (cosmetics, nutritional supplements, colds/gastro)

Jens Buri

Director & Head of Brand Planning

With mindline since 2016 | More than 20 years of experience (including with &Equity)| expert in Strategic Brand Consulting and Implicit Visual Techniques | In charge of research projects with combined qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches

Felicitas Linhardt


With mindline since 2014 | Research experience since 2010 (Opinion, Ipsos) | Focus: Design and marketing mix research | Industry expertise: FMCG with focus on personal care & cosmetics

Christian Stahl

Director & Head of Innovation Research

With mindline since 2017 | More than 20 years of research experience in global institutes (Partner Research, Millward Brown, Research International, GfK, among others) | Expert for Innovation Research and B2B research (focus on gastronomics/food service)

Torsten Kiefer

Director & Head of User Experience

With mindline UX since 2018 | More than 15 years of experience (GfK, SirValUse) as a specialist for User Experience and usability research | Emphasis on finance industry as well as travel & mobility sectors

Martin Swanson


Since 2018 at mindline | more than 20 years of experience in institutional market research (e.g. MWResearch, Ipsos, earsandeyes) | Expert for basic and innovation research (focus on Beauty & Care/ Food & Beverages)

A network of specialists

Competences in all fields while being expert in none? To produce outstanding results for our clients mindline‘s branches and subsidiaries have each specialized on their very own specific fields of expertise. Both in content and methology. Following this creed, mindline explore specializes on qualititative methods, mindline b2b on B to B and industry research, mindline UX on user experience research, mindline media is the expert for media sector clients, mindline finance is our expert for financial service providers, mindline energy‘s specialization focusses on topics connected to energy supply and communal services, mindline healthcare is our expert for the healthcare sector, mindline travel focuses on all aspects of travel and mindline analytics as our in-house software development specialist bridges the gap between technological possibilities and research needs. Under the umbrella of mindline engage, we bundle our expertise in the field of employer branding.